Saturday, June 25, 2011

Design Factor Challenge #2...

The second challenge for the Design Factor was posted a little while ago, and boy is it a doozy! I'm brainstorming one possible theme, since it is wide open theme wise, but what has me worried is that all the patterned papers must be created by no easy-peasy stripes or polkadots. But that's why they call it a challenge, right?  I've actually got 5 patterns sketched on paper if I go with the theme that is spinning right now, but not sure what that 6th pattern might entail.  And not sure I can carry the theme to get the required elements.  Hmmm...guess I'll be stewing all night at this rate!

For now, I'll just have to let it all stew and mix, and maybe someone will post a question that will make something gel.  I'm not even sure what questions to ask to help work through this pattern challenge! Off to bed, as it's almost midnight here, and my husband will be up in just 3 short hours to watch the Pikes Peak Hill Climb race.  I think they're nuts, but that's why I'm sleeping in and not joining in on the "fun."

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