Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kimono - Reaching across an ocean

I have been participating in the Art of Digital Design class at I don't know what will become of this newfound knowledge (if anything), but I am always interested in learning and took this new leap. The class was really picking up right about the time the earthquake hit Japan, and as a class, it was decided we would make a collab kit to sell in order to help with relief efforts. Fast forward a month, and I was not able to add anything to the collection due to other work responsiblities, but what was put together by my classmates is amazing.

You can view the full kit here. All proceeds from the kit go to the Red Cross to help support relief in Japan, and you can snag it for 25% off until Sunday at midnight, at which point it will be available for full price.

Tomorrow, there will be a blog hop hosted by the members of the class. A post will be added here with full details tomorrow!

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