Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tidal Treasures

To wrap up the summer, I decided to enter the Designer Apprentice challenges at DigiScrapAddicts (DSA). Just like the Design Factor, Designer Apprentice is a series of design tasks meant to challenge designers and stretch our skills. I love having the deadlines and guidance.  Part of what I'm looking forward to with Designer Apprentice is the mentor aspect. Unfortunatly, this week I faced a series case of create block and didn't have anything prepared before the mentoring deadline, so I have to wait until the Week 2 challenge to hear feedback from my mentor.

When my creative block finally lifted, I was right back at the beach, so to speak.  The challenge was to photograph or scan 2 items as part of a mini-kit. I kept circling back to the beach treasures my daughter had in a jar.  Even though I made a beach kit for one of the DF challenges, I decided to use my own source material to make a unique kit.

This kit can be found here at DSA. <Download Link expired>
I think my favorite pieces in this kit are the scatter and the tag. The scatter was maybe not so much fun to extract, but I love the way it turned out. And overlaying a shell on the tag made it really fun for me. I may have to make a heritage/period kit at some point. The newsprint paper is created from a scan of a newspaper I found in my hope chest (that had belonged to my grandmother) dated May 1941. It is full of new about the war in Europe and current events in Seattle at the time.

This kit has actually been up for a few days at DSA and as a result, my week 2 pack is almost done!  Keep watch over the next few days for that one to be posted!


  1. Just some food for thought.. You're work is beautiful but by disabling the right click it makes it really easy to loose track of your blog since all your links take you off your blog. You may want to consider popping up a new window for your links.

    I know I lost you a couple times - Thank God my browser still had you in memory or I would have never found you again.

  2. Thanks, I will take that in to consideration and try to figure out how to put that into the post coding.

    ~Rachel, Foosa Moon Creations