Monday, May 14, 2012

Umbrella Party! *New Release*

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I have a new release today (and my store is still on sale)! I have to say, even though I have been stewing on this idea for a couple weeks, it took me longer than I thought to put this kit together. Something about being in a summer mood and having snow fall made it difficult to focus on this project for longer than a day or two at a time (and when I can only work for a couple hours a day, that means a long time in process!).
Umbrella Party Kit available at

Now that it's finished, I love it.  The bright colors, the umbrellas, all the sand, makes me wish summer really was here.  Our Mother's Day here in CO was cloudy and rather gloomy looking outside.  But when I talked to my mom in Washington, she said it was supposed to be sunny and upwards of 80 degrees!  Wow!

I also took some time to scrap with this kit while I was trying to decide if the kit was finished.  Both pieces of word art in the kit actually came out of the sample pages that I made.
Ok, so that second picture isn't really taken anywhere near surf or sand, but I figured if I cropped the photo close, no one would know unless I spilled the beans!

And now (while my son is busy making a mess in the kitchen) I'm heading to order new coffee...I used the last of my favorite flavor today!